Prime Minister Modi spreading hatred in society, alleges Priyanka Gandhi


by IANS | Sun, May 12, 2024, 01:11 PM

Hyderabad, May (IANS) Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of spreading hatred in the society.

She claimed that PM Modi’s truth has come out before the people as he can’t seek votes on the basis of his performance.

“He seeks votes only in the name of religion. He only spreads hatred in the society for his political gains,” she said.

On the last day of the election campaign in Telangana, she addressed the public at Tandru in Chevella constituency and a roadshow in Kamareddy in Zaheerabad constituency.

She said if PM Modi had worked, laid roads, built schools, hospitals and industries, he would have sought votes on the basis of these issues.

She alleged that, in 10 years of his rule, PM Modi did nothing for the poor, farmers, workers, women and small traders. “What has he given you? Demonetisation, GST, price-rise, unemployment and the gift of hatred,” she remarked.

Asserting that the country was formed on the basis of love, non-violence and truth, the Congress General Secretary said that all countrymen are brothers and sisters.

She also accused PM Modi of giving away the country's resources to a few friends. “He waived off loans of 16 lakh crore of a few billionaires,” she said.

Priyanka Gandhi said the people of the country have awakened. “They don’t want hatred. They want employment and development. Farmers need support, women need to stand on their feet and workers need fair wages,” she said.

The Congress leader appealed to people to bring a change. “Tell Modiji and his every candidate that enough is enough. We don’t need your government. We don’t need your anti-constitutional ideology,” she said.

“Bring a government which can re-establish politics of honesty and democracy. Send a message from here that we will save democracy and Constitution and fight to protect reservation,” she added.

The Congress leader urged people to bring a government which does not misguide them but serves them.

“You have to decide whether you want a leader who never went to a poor’s house or a leader who walked 4, 000 km and met the poor. Do you need a leader who utters lies or a leader who never retreats from the path of truth,” she said.

With Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy by her side, she asked people if they were happy with his government.

She said the Congress has given more guarantees in Lok Sabha elections. Eldest woman member of every poor family will get Rs 1 lakh every year. There will be the legal guarantee for MSP for farmers. For the educated unemployed, the government will come out with a scheme Pehli Naukri Pakki, she added.

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