TRS resorting to attacks out of fear of defeat: Kishan Reddy


by IANS | Sat, Nov 19, 2022, 11:19 AM

Hyderabad, Nov (IANS) Union Tourism and Culture Minister G. Kishan Reddy on Friday alleged that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) men attacked BJP MP D. Arvind's house in Hyderabad out of fear of defeat in Assembly elections.

Kishan Reddy visited Arvind's house on Friday evening and enquired about the attack by TRS men earlier in the day.

He told reporters that the TRS is resorting to attacks out of frustration and sense of insecurity.

He claimed that the TRS got surveys conducted and after realising that it is going to lose power, it started attacking BJP leaders.

"The Chief Minister should stop surveys till October next year as a sense of insecurity has gripped him and his party after seeing the result of surveys," he said.

Kishan Reddy said that the attack is a proof of the goondaism and rowdyism of TRS and its power-induced arrogance.

Terming the attackAoutrageous and deplorable, the Union Minister said that the attack in the heart of the city and in MLA Colony shows where Telangana is heading.

Kishan Reddy also stated that there is no need for BJP to lure leaders from other parties.

State BJP President Bandi Sanjay also strongly condemned attack by 'TRS goons' on Nizamabad MP's house.

Sanjay said he spoke to Arvind over phone. "TRS lacks guts to face us democratically and so is engaging in physical attacks and bullying. Don't assume BJP's patience as our incompetence," he tweeted.

"BJP is not scared of attacks by TRS rowdies. Each karyakarta will rise against the atrocities of the TRS regime and will not tolerate it if TRS goons cross the limits. Day is not far off when people will throw sticks & stones at TRS," he wrote.

BJP General Secretary and incharge for Telangana Tarun Chug said that attack on Nizamabad MP's house is highly condemnable. He called it by shameful act by TRS rowdies. "This is sign of beginning of end for TRS govt in Telangana. Every Karyakarta is with Arvind Dharmapuri in fighting against the atrocities of TRS," he tweeted.

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