Ready to risk their lives for 15 seconds of YouTube fame


by IANS | Sat, Oct 29, 2022, 11:32 AM

Hyderabad, Oct 29 (IANS) Gone are the days when people needed pure talent and special skills to become famous. Todays generation wants instant fame and to achieve this they are ready to go to any extent by using various social medical platforms.

Such is the craze of getting noticed on social media that the youth are willing to even risk their lives not to talk about being booked by law enforcing agencies, landing behind bars or drawing the ire of the society. Experts say the sheer reach of social media is prompting youth to do something unusual, crazy or even dangerous to get instant prominence.

They pointed out that in the past, individuals used to gain fame for pure and raw talent or by developing skills in fields like music, dance, acting, art and literature but today social media has created pathways for those who do not possess any unique talent to get fame.

By making videos of a few seconds and uploading it on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, the youth want to rise to fame quicker than making instant coffee. Many believe that various social media tools offer them an opportunity to become overnight celebrities globally.

While YouTubers and some others who have their presence on various social media platforms for the last few years continue to explore newer ways to increase their subscribers or get more likes, there are others who look to grab the fame with just one video of their daredevilry or even any unusual act.

The Telugu states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have recently witnessed several instances in which the youth resorted to something dramatic for instant fame.

The craze to shoot a video of him walking close to a high-speed train nearly cost the life of a 17-year-old youth in Telangana's Hanamkonda district last month.

The 12th class student sustained grievous injuries when he was hit by the train while posing for a video. In the video, which went viral on social media but not in the way the youth wanted, he is seen perilously walking along the railway track near Kazipet railway station, heedless of the lurking danger from behind.

With his hands in pockets, the youth who was obsessed with shooting for a video, is seen walking along the track with a train approaching from behind. Within seconds the train hit him and he was thrown aside. His friend who was recording the video on a mobile phone is heard warning the youth before he was knocked down.

Chintakula Akshay Raju wanted to shoot a video with high-speed train in the background to upload the same on Instagram. This obsession, however, cost him nearly his life. He sustained injuries to his leg and hand.

In July, a video of a girl dancing inside the Hyderabad metro train went viral on social media.

Grooving to the Tamil song ?Ra Ra', the young girl filmed dance reels for Instagram.

As photography and videography is not permitted on the train or on the platform, Hyderabad Metro officials said they would take action against her for violating the rules.

The girl's act drew mixed responses on social media. While some praised her for her guts, others called her act a nuisance and demanded action.

"Height of shamelessness... These girls behave publicly like this then what society we are living in. Stop this nonsense in public places, metro take action," wrote a user.

In neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, five youths were arrested in July when they entered a wild boar enclosure in Visakhapatnam. Aged between 19 to 21 years, they entered the enclosure and began teasing animals to create an Instagram video. They wanted to increase their follower count.

The five accused jumped over the guard rail to enter the enclosure at the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park. The video of the incident went viral on social media. The youth teased and chased the wild boar for a few minutes.

One boar charged straight at the men and knocked one of them down. He was then seen scaling the enclosure wall to get out

The youth were arrested under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.

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