Several trains cancelled due to train accident in Andhra Pradesh


by IANS | Mon, Oct 30, 2023, 03:55 PM

Visakhapatnam, Oct 30 (IANS) Indian Railways have cancelled, diverted or rescheduled several trains following Sunday night's train accident in Andhra Pradesh’s Vizianagaram district.

The movement of trains has been hit between Kantakapalle – Alamanada Stations of Waltair Division, East Coast Railway.

South Central Railway announced that Secunderabad-Manmad (17064), Manmad-Secunerabad (17063), Visakhapatnam-Tirupati (08583) and Tirupati-Visakhapatnam (08584) have been cancelled. Chennai Central-Puri (22860) and Rayagada-Guntur (17244), scheduled to commence journey on October 30, has been cancelled.

Viskhapatnam-Guntur (17240) scheduled to commence journey on October 31 has also been cancelled. Other cancelled trains are Viskhapatnam-Koraput (18512), Koraput-Visakhapatnam (18511), Visakhapatnam-Palasa (08532), Palasa-Visakhapatnam (08531), Visakhapatnam-Rayagada (08504), Rayagada-Visakhapatnam (08503), Visakhapatnam-Vizianagaram (07468), Vizianagaram-Visakhapatnam (07469).

Authorities have also cancelled H.S.Nanded Sambalpur (20810), Tirupati Puri (1748031), MGR Chennai Central-Puri Express (22860), Rayagada-Guntur (17244), Visakhapatnam-Guntur Express (17240) Vasco Da Gama-Shalimar (18048), Hyderabad-Shalimar (18046) and Chennai-Central-Shalimar (12842) are diverted to run via Vijayawada, Balharshah, Chanda Fort, Raipur, Jharsuguda and Kharagpur The trains which have been diverted are Chennai-Central-Santragachi (22808), Trivendrum-Shalimar (22641), Agartala-SMVT (12504), Shalimar Hyderabad (18045), Santragachi-Tirupati (22855), Shalimar-Chennai Central (12841), Dhanbad-Alappuzha (13351) and Hatia-SMVT Bengaluru (12835) MGR Chennai-Central-Shalimar Coromandel Express scheduled to leave MGR Chennai Central at 7 hrs on October 30 was rescheduled to leave at 9.30 hrs.

Similarly, Alappuzha-Dhanbad Bokaro Express left three hours behind schedule at 9 hrs on October 30.

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