ULBs in UP to contribute to goal of $1 trillion economy

by IANS |

Lucknow, July 5 (IANS) The Uttar Pradesh (UP) government led by Chief Minister Adityanath, plans to make local bodies self-reliant and enhance their income.

The UP government aims to fortify all Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) by making substantial investments in their infrastructure and services, transforming them into significant sources of revenue and enabling them to contribute effectively to the goal of a $1 trillion economy.

This initiative will boost the income of municipal corporations, municipalities, and nagar panchayats.

According to a government spokesman, ULBs will select 38 projects in a phased manner. The proposed investments will focus on administrative and utility infrastructure, including office buildings, urban kiosks, mechanised and other types of parking, and road junctions.

The plan also includes livelihood centres and economic infrastructure such as co-working spaces, urban fairs, street food hubs, and digital streets.

Heritage and cultural infrastructure will encompass heritage streets, conservation projects, museums, exhibition spaces, galleries, urban art decor and statues.

Social amenities such as urban community centres, marriage halls, retirement homes, senior care centres, hostels for working women and men, auditoriums, and urban cafes will be integrated.

Public health infrastructure investments will cover pet clinics, parks, open gyms, and multipurpose sports facilities, the spokesman said.

Furthermore, environmental upgrades will feature urban wetlands, forests, nurseries, and horticulture projects.

Funds for infrastructure investment will be allocated in proportion to the tax revenue collected by the ULB and its contribution.

The selection of infrastructure projects will adhere to the criteria outlined in the guidelines, with the size of the ULB being a significant factor in the decision-making process.

Projects with the potential for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) proposals will receive priority.

The ULB will provide the land required to construct these infrastructure projects while funds for infrastructure investment will be sourced from the revenues of ULBs or through PPP.

Additionally, budget allocations will be made under state and central schemes, as well as from SFC and CFC funds.

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