Karnataka schoolteacher blackmailed over private video

by IANS |

Chamarajanagar (Karnataka), Sep 19 (IANS) A schoolteacher has lodged a complaint with the Karnataka Police against her former lover and his associate for blackmailing here over some private videos.

The accused had demanded that she leave her husband and give him Rs 10 lakh for not making the private videos viral, police said on Tuesday.

The victim teacher had lodged a complaint with police in this regard. The police launched a hunt for the accused who had disappeared following the lodging of the complaint.

The complaint was lodged against one Abdul Aseem and his associate Mayur.

Adbul Aseem and the victim were known for seven years. The woman got married to another person two years ago. The accused was pressuring the victim to leave her husband and join him.

He had threatened that if she did not leave her husband, he would make her private videos viral. The accused, Abdul Aseem along with his associate Mayur had sent her private videos to her husband and family members.

They had threatened that if she didn't leave her husband, they would orchestrate Hindu-Muslim conflict. They had also demanded Rs 10 lakh from her for not making the private videos viral on social media.

The accused had threatened that if she did not give money, they would get her banners of private video footage erected in the area. The victim had approached the Cyber Economic and Narcotics Crime Police Station (CEN) and lodged the complaint. The police have taken up the investigation.

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