Lawsuit Demanding Iraqi Parliament\'s Dissolution Rejected

by IANS |

The Iraqi federal court has rejected the suit filed by Shia Moqtada al Sadr, a cleric from the Sadrist Movement that demanded to dissolve Parliament over its failure to meet deadlines in the constitution to create an interim government.

The Federal Supreme Court explained in an announcement on Wednesday, that the Constitution defines its jurisdiction and doesn’t include dissolution of Parliament, as reported by Xinhua news agency.But “no power can ignore constitutional provisions indefinitely as it is in violation of the Constitution and a desecration of the whole political system” The statement noted.

Parliament is required to dissolve if it is found to not have fulfilled its obligations in conformity with the Article 64 of the constitution, as it was added.

In August in the month of August Sadrist Movement filed a Lawsuit to the federal court requesting the dissolution of the government, citing that the constitutional deadlines of choosing a new president and creating a new government been lapsed for about 11 months following the parliamentary elections on October 10 , last year.

In accordance with the Article 64 of the constitution Parliament can be dissolved in two ways or dissolves with the absolute majority of its 329 members upon the demand of one third of its members, or at the of the Prime Minister at the request of the Prime Minister with the consent of the President.

Because the present Prime Minister is a temporary caretaker in his position, he has no right to ask for the dissolution.

The political tensions in Iraq have risen in the last few weeks between al-Sadr as well as his adversaries in the Shiite Coordination Framework, an umbrella group.

In the last few months the ongoing disputes between the Shia parties have impeded the formation of an entirely new government, leaving the parliament unable to choose an interim president with two-thirds majority as required by the constitution.

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