Single leadership issue rocks AIADMK, OPS to meet supporters

by IANS |

Chennai, June 18 (IANS) The impasse in the main Tamil Nadu's opposition party the AIADMK, is continuing ahead of the party general council meeting scheduled for June 23. O. Panneerselvam and K. Palaniswami factions are keen that their leader emerge as the singe leader of the party.

While the post of opposition leader was granted to K. Palaniswami, the party Chief Co-ordinator's post was given to O. Panneerselvam. However the party has been under a dual leadership and several leaders have criticized this arrangement stating that AIADMK has lost its fighting spirit due to this.

Following widespread criticism at all party forums it was decided to call the general council meeting of the party on June 23 and to take a decision on the same. There are reports that a majority of party functionaries are supporting the candidature of Palaniswami as the single leader of the party and that under him party would function unitedly. This suggestion was however not welcomed by those owing allegiance to Panneerselvam, feeling that he may be sidelined.

The AIADMK has been in the throes of conflict between the second rung leaders close to both OPS and EPS and two power centres have already emerged in the party.

Meanwhile, former Deputy Speaker in the Lok Sabha and senior leader of the party, S. Thambidurai has taken an initiative and met both OPS and EPS to break the stalemate and sources told IANS that this may work out for the party.

Panneerselvam will be meeting his supporters at Chennai on Saturday ahead of the general council meeting and to garner support for him to emerge as the single leader of the party. Another suggestion that has come up is to postpone the general council meeting and find an alternate date to end the friction between the two sections.

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