A man builds a Taj Mahal replica house for his wife

by Suryaa |

Most people fall in love with their wives. But they express their love by presenting them with Saris, gold or unexpected gifts. However, a man built the Taj Mahal-like house for his wife. Like the Shah Jahan story. At that time Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his wife Mumtaz and now this man has built a house which is a look-alike of Taj Mahal for his wife.

taj mahal

Anand Prakash Choksi, a native of Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh, built a Taj Mahal look-alike house with four bedrooms, a meditation hall, a large hall and a library as a gift of love to his wife.

The photos and videos related to the house in Burhanpur have now gone viral. People who came to Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh did not go without seeing Prakash Choksi's house. Choksi said it took three years to build the house.

taj mahal

Photos and videos are circulating on social media. While some are commenting that 'Looks exactly like the Taj Mahal' .. others have commented that 'Your love for your wife is amazing'.

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