Rise in ground water level in Telangana during March


by IANS | Fri, Apr 01, 2022, 12:30 PM

Hyderabad, April 1 (IANS) The ground water levels in Telangana have increased during March 2022 compared to May 2021, according to the latest report by the Ground Water Department

A net average rise of 1.15 meters was observed during March compared to May 2021.

Out of 33 districts, the rise was observed in 31 districts. The highest rise in ground water level was recorded in Sangareddy (3.60 m) while the lowest was 0.12 m in Nagarkurnool. There was a drop of 1.12 meters in Medchal and 0.15 in Hanumakonda.

According to the report, there was a net average rise of 0.32 m in groundwater level during March 2022 as compared to March 2021. Out of 33 districts, the rise was observed in 23 districts (0.04 meters in Mahabubabad and Peddapally districts to 2.27 m in Bhupalapally district) and fall in the remaining 10 districts (0.17 m in Warangal to 1.81 m in Medchal).

The average groundwater level in the state during March 2022 was 8.04 meters below ground level (m bgl) compared to 7.02 meters m bgl. It varies from 3.82 m bgl (Wanaparthy) to 13.39 m bgl (Medak).

Out of 33 districts in 02 districts average water level is below 5 m bgl while in remaining 23 districts it is between 5-10 m bgl and in eight districts it is between 10-15 m bgl.

Shallow water levels (less than 5 m bgl) occupies about 21 per cent of state area. Water levels in the range of 5-10 m bgl occupied about 56 per cent area followed by 10-15 m bgl water levels covering about 18 per cent of state area during March 2022.

Water levels during March-2022 month when compared with decadal average of March (2012-2021) levels, it is observed that, out of 594 mandals, rise in the range of 0.04-32.04 m was observed in 336 (67 per cent mandals) and fall in the range 0.01-7.30 m in 258 (43 %) mandals.

The department monitored water levels through 1,115 Piezometers (monitoring stations) covering all mandals (blocks) from 33 districts.

According to the report, during the water year 2021-22 (up to March 30, 2022), the state received 32 per cent excess rainfall. The rainfall received by the state was 1,140 mm against 865 mm of normal rainfall.

The department said 26 districts received 20 per cent to 75 per cent excess rainfall and the remaining seven districts received normal rainfall (-1 Aper cent to 13 per cent).

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