Karnataka Congress MLA's son in the dock again

by IANS |

Bengaluru, Feb 14 (IANS) Karnataka Congress legislator N.A. Haris' son Mohammed Haris Nalapad is once again in the news for the wrong reasons after a gap of two years.

On Wednesday, Nalapad, 26, surrendered to Sadashivnagar police in the city after allegedly ramming a Bentley into two vehicles and injuring four people.

Claiming that he was innocent, Nalapad said it was not him at the wheel when the accident occurred but his bodyguard.

"I wasn't driving the car. There is no evidence to prove that I was driving that car," he said, currently on station bail after being arrested briefly.

Nalapad pleaded with the media not to show him in a bad light as he has old grandparents.

"I have a grandfather who is worried. Tell me who have I killed. Have I not changed after the previous incident? My father-in-law is asking me what is going on?" he said.

Nalapad claimed that this was not the first accident in the world and said he was not in the Bentley but a Lamborghini.

According to police, it has been alleged that Nalapad caused the accident and later escaped in another car.

Later, one Balakrishna surrendered to police claiming responsibility for the accident.

The legislator's son also claimed that he helped lift the auto-rickshaw hit by the Bentley and arranged for taking the victims to hospital.

"I paid all their medical expenses and gave compensation," he said.

After spending 116 days in jail in a previous case, Nalapad said he is a changed man now.

Back in 2018, the 8th Additional City Metropolitan Magistrate court sent Nalapad to jail for assaulting a youth brutally at a cafe in the city centre.

The other six accused in that case were Arun Babu, Manjunath, Mohammad Ashraf, Balakrishna, Abhishek and Nafi Mohammed Nasir.

Nalapad and the six accused surrendered at the Cubbon Park police station one km away from Ferzi Cafe in the upscale UB City Mall where the victim (Vidvat) was brutally assaulted following an altercation two years ago.

His father, Haris, tendered an apology in the state legislative assembly for the violent conduct of his son.

Currently working as the executive director of the Nalapad Group, Nalapad studied hospitality at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management.

He attended the Good Shepherd International School and Ebenezer International School.

Nalapad is also active in politics and participates in various programmes.

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