Twitter Blue users now get 1 hr to edit their tweets

by IANS |

New Delhi, June 7 (IANS) Elon Musk-run Twitter has announced that the Blue subscribers on the platform will now have up to one hour to edit their tweets.

"Blue subscribers now have up to 1 hour to edit their Tweets," the official Twitter Blue account tweeted on Tuesday.

Twitter's support page for Blue was updated shortly after the post went up to reflect the new one-hour time limit.

"This highly requested feature gives you a 1 hour window to make a limited number of changes to published Tweets. Use it to make updates, tag someone, or reorder the media you attached. Edit Tweet currently only applies to original Tweets and quote Tweets," the support page mentioned.

The Edit tweet feature was originally introduced in October of last year and was limited to only 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, Linda Yaccarino took over as the new Twitter CEO, freeing Elon Musk to focus on Tesla and SpaceX.

Yaccarino, former Chairman of Global Advertising and Partnerships at NBC Universal, updated her bio as Twitter CEO on LinkedIn, before welcoming Joe Benarroch at the micro-blogging platform, who worked with her as executive vice president at NBC Universal.

"Welcome to the flock, Benarroch, from one bird to the next. Let's get to work @Twitter," she posted.

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