Dubai launches its economic agenda 'D33' for the next 10 years

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Dubai, Jan 5 (IANS) Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched the Dubai Economic Agenda 'D33' with the ambitious goals of doubling the size of Dubai's economy over the next decade and consolidating its position among the top three global cities.

'D33' comes with a vision of total economic targets of AED 32 trillion (USD 8.7 trillion) over the next 10 years, aiming to double the size of Dubai's economy and consolidate its position among the top 3 global cities.

Mohammed bin Rashid said that "2033 will mark 200 years since the foundation of Dubai, the year in which Dubai will be the most important global business centre. "Dubai will rank as one of the top four global financial centres with an increase in FDI to over AED650 billion over the next decade and an annual AED100 billion contributions from digital transformation"

The new Dubai Economic Agenda includes 100 transformative projects. 'D33' aims to double the emirate's foreign trade to AED25.6 trillion and add 400 cities as key trading partners over the next decade.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said: "In line with our long-standing tradition of launching key new initiatives on 4 January, we approved the Dubai Economic Agenda 'D33' that aims to double the size of Dubai's economy in the next decade and consolidate its position among the top three global cities".

Sheikh Mohammed added: "The Dubai Economic Agenda 'D33' includes 100 transformative projects, with economic targets of AED32 trillion over the next 10 years, doubling our foreign trade to reach AED25.6 trillion and adding 400 cities as key trading partners over the next decade".

Sheikh Mohammed further said: "Dubai will rank as one of the top four global financial centres with an increase in FDI to over AED650 billion over the next decade and an annual AED100 billion contribution from digital transformation. Over 300,000 global investors in Dubai helping build Dubai into the fastest growing global city".

Sheikh Mohammed added: "2033 will mark 200 years since the foundation of Dubai: the year in which Dubai will be the most important global business centre, and by then we would have completed the D33 Agenda. We know our economic path over the next decade. The world makes way for those who know what they want."

The launch of the 'D33' Agenda formed part of Sheikh Mohammed's annual address on the anniversary of his Accession Day on 4 January.

An ideal environment for investment

The 'D33' Agenda includes the launch of innovative projects that will help achieve Sheikh Mohammed's vision to make Dubai the world's best city to live and work in. The value of the total targets set by the Dubai Economic Agenda 'D33' is AED32 trillion by 2033. The agenda will drive sustainable economic growth through innovative approaches.

The Dubai Economic Agenda 'D33' aims to accelerate growth by investing in human development, skillsets, and advanced technology and consolidating Dubai's global competitiveness, innovation, and knowledge-based economy. The agenda will invest in enhancing the advantages gained from Dubai's strategic location and its advanced infrastructure to raise the city's status as a preferred destination for major international companies and investments.

Ambitious goals

The Dubai Economic Agenda 'D33' sets ambitious goals including raising the total value of foreign trade in goods and services from AED14.2 trillion in the past 10 years to AED 25.6 trillion in the next decade.

The 'D33' Agenda also aims to raise the contribution of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Dubai's economy from an average of AED32 billion annually in the past decade, to an average of AED60 billion annually in the next decade to reach a total of AED650 billion over the next 10 years.

The 'D33' Agenda will see a growth in government expenditures from AED512 billion in the past decade to AED700 billion in the next decade, with increased investment in future growth sectors and further development of traditional trade and economic sectors.

One of the pivotal goals of the 'D33' Agenda is to raise the competitiveness of the city's thriving business sector, which will enable the increase of private sector investment from AED790 billion in the past decade to AED1 trillion by 2033.

The 'D33' Agenda also aims to increase the value of domestic demand for goods and services from AED2.2 trillion in the past decade to AED3 trillion in the coming decade, in line with Dubai's vision for enhancing its vibrant trading sector and diversified economy.

Other objectives of the 'D33' Agenda include generating new economic value from digital transformation, at an average of AED100 billion annually. The digital economy is a major pillar in the agenda, with Dubai embarking on a new phase in which it seeks to pioneer and sustain the growth of an economy based on knowledge, innovation, and future technologies.

Major priorities for the next decade

The Dubai Economic Agenda 2033 focuses on a set of key priorities for the next decade, including raising the value added of the industrial sector and promoting export growth, contributing to sustainable economic growth, and achieving self-sufficiency in several key sectors and industries, including manufacturing. Other key priorities include making Dubai one of the five leading logistic hubs in the world, and one of the top four global financial centres. The agenda also seeks to increase the productivity of Dubai's economy by 50 per cent through innovation and digital solutions.

Moreover, the agenda aims to integrate new generations of Emiratis into the private sector, making Dubai a hub for skilled workers, the fastest growing and most attractive global business centre, and an international hub for global multinational companies (MNCs) and national SMEs.

Another key priority of the 'D33' Agenda is to make Dubai one of the top three international destinations for tourism and business by providing a globally competitive environment for business sustainability and driving down the cost of doing business across several sectors. The 'D33' agenda aims to enhance the city's position as a fast-growing and attractive business hub with world-class quality of life and ensure the highest levels of security and safety for Dubai's citizens and residents.

The first set of projects

The Dubai Economic Agenda 'D33' seeks to add 400 cities as key trade partners and launch the Dubai Economic Corridors 2033 initiative, which will enhance existing foreign trade relations with Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

The agenda will include a program to support the growth of 30 companies in new sectors to become global unicorns and integrate 65,000 young Emiratis into the workforce and the private sector. The Dubai Traders Project (DT33) will empower a new generation of Dubai traders in various major growth sectors, driving growth in the city's vibrant trading hub.

The first set of projects on the agenda also includes the Dubai Unified License which will provide a unique commercial identity for all companies across economic zones, and 'Sandbox Dubai', which aims to make Dubai a major hub for incubating business innovation by enabling the testing and marketing of new products and technologies.

Agenda 'D33' also includes the launch of the Dubai Project to attract the world's best universities, as part of the broader aim of making Dubai a leading global hub for higher education, and a programme to promote the growth of SMEs by identifying 400 high-potential companies and supporting their capacity-building and global expansion.

Business leaders from the Indian community in UAE appreciate and show full faith in the vision of D33

From the healthcare sector, Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman & Managing Director, of Aster DM Healthcare, said that "The Visionary Rulers of UAE have been very foresighted in their approach to diversify the economy of UAE and be at the forefront of the global economy. The UAE saw an exceptional 19 per cent growth in global trade growth in the first nine months of 2022, which is a major milestone in the economic strength of the country.

"And now, the announcement of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33) by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has assured the nation's commitment towards its people and growth. His Highness' vision of placing Dubai as one of the top four global financial centres within ten years is really motivating and will empower local entrepreneurs to expand their horizons across the world. Dubai is already a leading economic hub and D33's transformative projects will further open more corridors of investment, enhance the digital transformation landscape and create endless opportunities in this vibrant city."

Ali Shabdar, MEA Regional Director at Zoho Corp commented on the ambitious plans of D33, "The goal to double the size of the Dubai economy and become one of the top three economic cities in the world is a testament to the ambition of the Dubai leadership. It will tremendously impact the city's economic development and growth by expanding foreign trade and investment, fostering innovation, and encouraging entrepreneurship."

Abdul Jabbar PB, Group Managing Director of Hotpack Global said that "The D33 economic agenda is a crucial and far-reaching plan that will drive Dubai's economic growth and success over the next decade. The ambitious goals of this economic agenda will position Dubai as a top global economic hub and a beacon of success. We believe that this agenda is good for Dubai and will bring numerous benefits and opportunities to the city and its people."

Industry tycoon, Bharat Bhatia, Bharat Bhatia, CEO & Founder of Conares expressed his views, saying that "Dubai's economic agenda D33 is a visionary and ambitious plan that will drive the city's economic growth and success in the coming years. The initiatives to expand Dubai's foreign trade, foster innovation and entrepreneurship, and support the growth of local businesses will all contribute to the city's economic growth and success."

From the agri-tech sector, Karthik Jayaraman, Managing Director, and Co-Founder at WayCool added "As a global business hub, we have always been impressed by Dubai's commitment to driving economic growth and innovation. The Dubai Economic Agenda D33 is a clear indication that this commitment is stronger than ever, and we look forward to seeing the impact it will have on the city's economic development over the next decade."

From the financial sector, Abdulla Nalapad, Managing Director of Nalapad Investments talks about the D33, "D33 is a comprehensive and ambitious plan to cultivate growth in the Dubai economy. One of the standout initiatives of this agenda is the programme to attract the world's best universities and make Dubai a global pioneering hub for higher education. This initiative will not only boost Dubai's reputation as a hub for learning and knowledge, but it will also attract top talent and create new opportunities for all stakeholders."

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