Youth Over Sped costing lives of People on a bus

by Suryaa |

The situation now-a-days are where young people show off heroism and lose lives. Driving their two-wheeler and four-wheeler at high speeds may cost their lives. Many are being killed as well. A video is currently circulating on social media. A two-wheeler speeding by and the driver of an oncoming heavy vehicle gets alerted.  The helmet was not worn and the vehicle was Over speed. The speed did not slow down at the turns either. The young man who was about to crash was saved. The bus driver noticed the young man coming and hit the brakes in a matter of seconds.

The young man narrowly escaped death. The incident took place at Elayarapadu in Karnataka. Although the bus escaped the accident, it crashed into a tree and building in front of it. He did not slow down even after that. The helmet fell off  from the bike but he proceeded at the same speed without looking back. The whole incident was recorded on CCTV cameras there.

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