Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's remarks on Hindu and Hindutva

by Suryaa |

Once again the words Hindu and Hindutva came into politics. The Congress leader made key remarks at a recent rally on inflation in Jaipur. Many comments were made on the words Hindu and Hindutva. Today there is competition between the two worlds in Indian politics. ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindutva’. The two words have different meanings. I am a Hindu but not a Hindutva… Mahatma Gandhi is a Hindu but Godse is a Hindutva, commented Rahul Gandhi. He said that Hindutva activists have been striving for power all their lives and they need nothing but power.

He said that Hinduvtas follow the path of Gambling not ‘satyagraha’. He added that this country is Hindu and not Hindutva. The Hindutvas only want power and they have been in power since 2014. He told the people that we should oust these Hindutva activists from power and bring back the Hindus. Rahul Gandhi said that a Hindu embraces everyone, fears no one and respects every religion.

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