Beware of these online Frauds.. Don't lose your hard-earned money

by Suryaa |

Technology is also changing to keep pace with the changing times. People are also adapting to it. But with the salient advantages, you must know some of the disadvantages as well. Fraud cases have been on the rise for some time. Cybercriminals are provoked by online transactions, shopping, and updating KYC. The masses are being beaten to death and robbed of their livelihood. That is why banks are constantly reminding their customers about this.

SMS under KYC name
In fact, since the KYC update was made mandatory, people have been receiving many phone calls and SMS under the KYC name. Apart from that, there are messages that the bank account will be terminated if the KYC is not updated. Do not reply or click on any link. if you receive such messages.

Cyber ??alert
Be alert for fraudulent SMS and calls related to KYC. The Ministry of Home Affairs Social Cyber ??Department tweeted this. It says bank account closure is an idea to deceive customers. Because of this you may lose your money. So when you get such a message first contact the official number and know complete information. Remember not to share your personal information with anyone on the phone.

Don't make that mistake
People often panic after seeing a message about a bank account. Share information in a hurry without checking. Downloading an insecure app in the process of updating KYC. This is the reason why most people get cheated. So first you need to know the complete information. These fraud cases are increasing rapidly with the increase in online activity. Losing all the hard earned money just because of a wrong decision. So it is better to be careful.

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