5 ways to know if Mustard oil is pure or adulterated at home..

by Suryaa |

Contaminated mustard oil is harmful to health. The use of such oils can lead to health problems such as gas and acidity. Be sure to know what is pure. Only then can diseases be prevented. If you want to know whether the mustard oil you use is pure or impure use these techniques

1. Put a little oil in your hand and rub it well with both hands. It should be understood that if the oil loses its colour when doing so it is impure.

2. The aroma of pure mustard oil is intense. If it does not smell like that it should be understood as contaminated.

3. Put the oil in a small bowl and keep in the fridge. Pull out after a while and test. If the oil freezes, it is contaminated. Because pure oil never hardens.

4. Pour the oil into a test tube. Then add a few drops of nitric acid and mix. Then put it on the stove and heat it. If the mixture turns red after a while, it means it is adulterated oil.

5. The mustard oil is dark in color. It should be realized that if it is in light yellow color it is not pure. Such oil should not be used.

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