Bleeding after menopause may lead to cancer...take necessary precautions

by Suryaa |

Menstruation begins at the age of twelve or fourteen and stops again with age. This is called the menopause phase. Bleeding after menopause is dangerous. During the menopause stage, all the eggs stored in the ovaries of the female body are dissolved and the release of eggs stops. Hormones stop producing. Bleeding after menopause should not be considered normal. Experts say that if bleeding continues beyond the age of 50-60, there is a risk of endometrial cancer. Menopause is less likely to occur if the menstrual cycle changes before the age of 40.

Many people in old age worry when they see bleeding when they go to the bathroom. If you go to the doctor they will examine other organs around the genital area. Bleeding may also occur from the bladder and anus. When there is constipation, there is also occasional bleeding from the anus as well. Over the years, the lining of the vagina becomes thin and dry, causing bleeding. Bleeding can also occur in the genitals, cervix, fallopian tubes, and ovarian cancers.

Intermittent bleeding is seen in those who use hormones after the menopausal stage. Tamoxifen, which is used for breast cancer, can cause the lining of the uterus to grow back and cause polyps in some people and endometrial cancer in others. Some people get hereditary cancers. This condition is called Lynch Syndrome. When the endometrial membrane is less than four millimeters long, there is no need to worry if bleeding appears even when the Pap smear result is normal. It is better to wait for three months and test again. If the endometrial layer is less than five millimeters, treatment is based on the biopsy result.

Appropriate precautions need to be taken after the menopause phase. People who are overweight, have high blood pressure, or diabetes are two to four times more likely to have the problem. So exercise is a must. The use of birth control pills or progesterone loop on the advice of a doctor after childbirth can help control the growth of the endometrial lining. People taking HRT must use progesterone along with estrogen. Women with lymphoma in the family must have cervical, ovarian, and colon tests after the age of thirty-five.

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